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Please visit our new web site for the  Patient ID Center

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this site will remain up but not updated.    

We're a not-for-profit California cooperative supporting patients and caregivers who benefit from medical cannabis, our  Mission statement.  If your interested in PIDC medical cannabis ID Card application process please click here.

Patient ID Center 

1733 Broadway,  Oakland, CA 94612-2105
P.O. Box 70401, Oakland, CA 94612-0401
Tel: (510) 832-5346     Fax: (510) 986-0534

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Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Southern California Patient ID Services
This satellite office has closed as of February 28, 2011

 Updated: June 10, 2011 

SB 420 Offical State Medical Cannabis ID Cards 

    Alameda County Patients Services (ACPS) is no longer accepting applications on behalf of the Alameda County Public Health Department for State Medical Cannabis ID Cards.  Alameda County Public Health Department is now running the State Medical Cannabis ID Card program at 1000 Broadway, Suite 310,Oakland, CA  94607.  Please call (510) 268-2977 to make appointment at the Health Department.  You can visit the State Department of Health web site here, to find out if your County is offering this new State medical cannabis ID Card.   


Major Legal Developments

  • Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis filed rescheduling petition
    with the DEA on October 9, 2002.   Read a Press Release.
  • On April 3, 2003, the DEA accepts Coalition's petition.
  • For Briefs and Background regarding the Controlled Substances Act: [] ____________________________________________________________

    Here is a link to keep updated with our Legal Argument & Rulings of OCBCs federal lawsuit.

    We file many of our documents as "PDF".
    You can download Adobe Acrobat for free to view any pdf document.


    Please support the OCBC's ongoing legal battle
    with a tax deductible donation!

    Visit our Links & Activism pages, to keep current with critical issues.

    OCBC Legal Defense Fund

    Oakland Cannabis Buyers' Cooperative LDF
    P.O. Box 70401,   Oakland, CA 94612-0401
    Tel: (510) 832-5346    Fax: (510) 986-0534 


    Correspond with prisoners of federal prosecution.

    Read Bryan Epis' five ways "to help get me out of the slammer".

    Please See it our Way

    Keep in mind that Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative is a health organization.
    Our services are for those who suffer from serious illnesses and disabilities. 
    Non-medical inquiries for cannabis are neither appreciated nor tolerated.

    We do not send, mail or ship cannabis.

    This site provides information for patients using cannabis through their doctors' recommendation; and exists because the voters of California said yes to providing cannabis for medical use.

    Please don't test the law by trying to establish illegal transactions via this site.

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    This site is dedicated to the memory of Russell Anthony Caldwell, an active member of the cooperative who first launched the OCBC Web site in early 1996.

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