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Patient ID Center Membership Page

Membership Application Procedure

To apply for membership you will need the following :

1) Valid current ID from the following list:
        California Drivers License
        California ID

2) Completed physicians form  (which must meet the following)
        - must be currently dated, usually within the last six months
        - be signed by an MD certified in California
        - have the physician's phone number for verification
        - have a diagnosis of your condition
        - state that the physician recommends/approves of the patient's use of cannabis
        - indicate the physician has discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using medical cannabis and                    agrees to monitor the patient's use of cannabis

3) Completed Authorization for Release of Patient Status form
        The physician may write their own letter or use ours.  After we receive your documentation it will take several days to process it.  When your medical information is verified, we will call you to inform you that you may come in and complete the enrollment process.  Please do not call us unless you do not hear from us within five business days.
        Processing your membership takes several business days.  If you are coming from far away, please mail or fax your documentation before your visit so that you are verified when you arrive.  Be sure to include your phone number and your doctor's phone number.  Our membership fee is $40.00 for first time members, and $30.00 for renewal.  This is a yearly fee is paid when you come in to get your ID card issued or renewed (ID Card expiration date is set from the date of your Doctor's recommendation no more then one year).

4) You can also renew your ID card by mail without having to come in and visit the Patient ID Center office.

    To renew by mail you need to submit the following:
     a)  An updated and current recommendation faxed or mailed into us.
     b)  Your Patient ID Center Member Number form your old ID card and your current telephone number.
     c)  Renew by mail fee of $35 (can be paid by Cashier's Check, Money Order, Visa or Mastercard).
     d)  Once our office has verified your new recommendation, our staff will contact you to complete the process             to receive ID Card.

Northern California Patient ID Services

Patient ID Center

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P.O. Box 70401,  Oakland, CA 94612-0401
Tel: (510) 832-5346    Fax: (510) 986-0534

Southern California Patient ID Services

Patient ID Center

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Patient ID Center
Membership Protocol

The Oakland Cannabis Buyers' Cooperative operates pursuant to and in accordance with the statewide mandate of Proposition 215 (Exhibit A) and Resolutions passed unanimously by the Oakland City Council (Exhibit B).  Its operating procedures have been consolidated as these Protocols.

I. Admission and Membership Requirements

A person seeking membership of the Oakland CBC must, at the threshold, provide a note from a treating physician assenting to cannabis therapy for a medical condition listed on the Medicinal Cannabis User Initial Questionnaire (Exhibit C).

Upon acceptance of the note by intake staff, the prospective member will undergo an extensive screening and such questioning as shall establish that the candidate meets the Medical Admissions Criteria (Exhibit D), including, without being limited to, the Cannabis Buyers' Cooperative Information Form (Exhibit E).

If, upon the screening by staff members, the candidate does not appear to qualify, he or she will be denied membership with a statement of reasons for his or her being screened out.

If the candidate appears to qualify for membership, intake staff will give ask that the candidate sign our Authorization for Release of Patient Status form (Exhibit F)...

... and then take our Physician Statement (Exhibit G),, and (if the candidate would nominate a caregiver) our Patient's Caregiver Statement with a request that the candidate's treating physician sign it.

When we receive completed form(s), our intake staff will verify the physician's approval by telephone.

No person under the age of eighteen shall be admitted to membership without the written consent of parents, in addition to meeting all other requirements.

II. Responsibilities of Membership

All members must sign a Membership Agreement (Exhibit H), whereupon they will receive a Membership Card (Exhibit I).  Members agree to conduct themselves discreetly, in accordance with the Statement of Safe Use of Cannabis (Exhibit J) and the Principles of Responsible Cannabis Use (Exhibit K).

III. Other Provisions

A. Purpose. The purpose of the Oakland CBC is to help provide medicine for people who need it. Accordingly, it shall be operated as a non-profit organization.

B. Privacy of members. The staff of the Cooperative shall take steps to protect the privacy and identity of members. However, neither the Cooperative nor its staff shall be liable for any breach thereof.

C. Changes. These Protocols, and all medical protocols, are subject to change without notice from time to time in the sole discretion of management.

D. Cooperative operation. a. No smoking of anything on premises. b. Members shall observe additional house rules as may be posted by management. c. Management may eject any person at any time.


A. Proposition 215

B. Oakland City Council Resolutions

C. Medicinal Cannabis User Initial Questionnaire

D. Medical Admissions Criteria

E. Information Form

F. Authorization for Release of Patient Status

G. Physician Statement

H. Membership Agreement

I. Membership Card

J. Statement of Safe Use of Cannabis

K. Principles of Responsible Cannabis Use